Whether you are designing a brand new building and need a comprehensive commercial HVAC/R and plumbing design,  maintenance or service on your existing systems, or even if you need to retrofit your existing commercial HVAC / R systems, Tempe Mechanical is your local HVAC/R and commercial plumbing expert.

Commercial HVAC/R Maintenance & Repair

Providing the most comprehensive commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation services in the Phoenix area.

HVAC/R Equipment Replacement

Old and tired HVAC equipment likely has become inefficient and is costing your business money. Now is the time for replacement.

Mechanical Design Build

Whether you’re heating or cooling a large or small commercial building, rest assured our HVAC solutions are designed for efficiency.

Commercial HVAC / R Retrofit

As you deal with an aging heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, you may face the need for a retrofit – installing new or modified parts without a complete replacement.

Our Mission

To provide expert mechanical services that support our clients’ need and meet their objectives in a reliable stress frees manner that makes us an essential member of their team.

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