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This project was a design assist project which was fully engineered in BIM (3D). Building was 12,000 square feet with HVAC system that included 2 large package rooftop OAS units with indoor VAV’s, mini splits and exhaust fans. The main cooling system was a fully ducted system with centralized exhaust to help infectious disease control. These systems are controlled by a Building Automation System (BAS) which allows the client to monitor and control the climate in the building locally or remotely via the web interface.
Plumbing included storm drains, medical gas piping, domestic water system, waste and vents, and all underground utilities within the building footprint. Materials that were used for plumbing included, cast iron & copper. Fixtures provided included eyewashes, drinking fountains, wall hung & counter mounted sinks with wrist blade faucets, stainless scrub stations, Ligature-resistant station lavatories and other standard toilets and automatic flush valves. All ductwork, pipework, and equipment hanging in the ceiling was required to be seismically braced or to be supported by special supports

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