Tempe Mechanical houses one of the largest and most technically advanced sheet metal fabrication facilities in the Southwest. Computerized systems support production equipment in the shop as well as interface between CAD services and the equipment.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Include:

  • Architectural sheet metal work (including roof flashing, fascia trim, gutters and downspouts)
  • HVAC sheet metal—any size or pressure class to SMACNA standards; insulated or not insulated
  • Letters, stencils, etc. The plasma machine can cut anything that can be drawn.
  • Grease duct systems
  • Custom roof curbs any size or pitch
  • Fabrication of angle iron and bars
  • Welding of galvanized metal, stainless, grease duct
  • Chilled water pipe fabrication

The 10,000 square foot fabrication facility contains:

  • Double-table plasma cutter
  • Complete coil line including insulation
  • Power brakes and hand brakes
  • Customized collar machine
  • Damper machines
  • Groove Lock machine
  • Welding machines for every application (galvanized, stainless, grease duct)
  • Chilled water pipe fabricating and welding equipment

There are 3,000 square feet of yard area as well as trucks dedicated to the fabrication facility for delivery of orders and pick up of material.

Sheet Metal Fabrication